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The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has 18 Members, 12 of whom are nominated by Pembrokeshire County Council, whilst the remaining 6 Members are appointed – following an interview process – by the Welsh Government.

Members' Addresses

Declarations of Members' interests

So what exactly do Members do…?

Members are expected, whatever their background, to act in the interests of the National Park as a whole, and to take forward the two purposes for which the Park has been designated, reflecting both local and national perspectives.

In the course of their duty, Members must also adhere to certain Codes and Protocols when undertaking their duties:

Members’ Code of Conduct
Members’ Planning Code of Good Practice
Guidance of the Code of Conduct
Anti Fraud and Curruption Policy, including Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Members are paid a salary in accordance with the Regulations published by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales:

Schedule of Member Remuneration 2015/16

Making decisions…

Our members are the people who make the decisions; they are responsible for setting policies and priorities, ensuring resources are well used and money is well spent. The officers employed by the Authority then work to the policies and carry out the decisions made by Members.

Overall responsibility for the work of the officers lies with our Chief Executive (National Park Officer) Tegryn Jones.

We are a relatively small organisation with a limited budget, so achieving our statutory purposes is challenging and depends on working in partnership with local people and a range of other bodies.

It’s a complicated job and to help everyone understand how and why decisions are made, we’ve produced – working with our partners and local communities – two key documents:

The National Park Management Plan
The Local Development Plan

These documents are put together after a great deal of consultation with local people and organisations with interests in the Park. However, general policies cannot deal with every situation that arises and sometimes there are conflicts between policies, but it is the Members’ job to represent the interests of the National Park as a whole and balance out any conflicting pressures.

County Council Members are usually appointed for four years, until the next local authority election. Welsh Government Members are also usually appointed for up to four years, which can be extended to a maximum of 10.